Chocolate Strawberries          Cheesecake or Brownie Bites        Mini Cupcakes $12/Dozen           
   Box of 6 $9 | Box of 12 $18                       40 pieces $30                                  1 Flavor per Dozen                

* Please Order 2-3 Days Ahead of Date Needed* Call us to place your order today! 815.385.4372

Gift Tower             


Gift Certificates

6 Cupcakes, 6 Cookies & 
6 Chocolate Oreos $30



Available in Any Denomination

Custom Round Sugar Cookies

* Please Order 2-3 Days Ahead of Date Needed*
 Call us to place your order today! 815.385.4372

            Softball Cookies                                   Emoji Cookies                                Pumpkin Cookies                            Shamrock Cookies

            Surfboard Cookies                            Hockey Cookies                                Baseball Cookies                          Smiley Face Cookies

            Dark Side Cookies                            Seashell Cookies                       Gender Reveal Cookies                            Cheer Cookies

           Harry Potter Cookies                       Harry Potter Cookies                      Baby Shower Cookies                       Halloween Cookies

   Chocolate Pretzels   $1.00               Chocolate Oreos    $1.00         Old Fashioned Candy Sticks 3/$1.00

Special Order Treats

Daily Treats


Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.00         Frosted Sugar Cookie    $1.25              Fudgy Brownie   $3.00                          Lemon Bar   $3.00

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